Tai-Nan County Government Assist and Guide

Guan Miau Township Organization Certification

Sun Chi Foods since 1996, we have 2 famous brands Sun Chi Guan Miau Noodle、Chiu Loon Guan Miau Noodle. Sun Chi has insisted to produce the noodle by traditional manner, we are devoted to innovate and create the new taste.  The creator of Sun Chi, “King Chi Master” said that
「Take care the best quality will be winning than the advertisement of the other suppliers。」 It is explaining that the best quality is the most important thing by us.  Besides that Sun Chi has insisted the best quality and we are devoted to innovate the new products, since created and now, we have developed Konnyaku Noodle 、Yam Noodle、Total wheat Noodle、Sliced noodle…… etc.

Started 2000, Sun Chi gave the monotonous impression of traditional manufacturer up and guided into the concept of business enterprise and we are setting to be「an expert of Guan Miau Noodle」.  We preserved to produce the significant value products.  「Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job」Besides Sun Chi be particular on the noodle, King Chi Master has cooperated with the suppliers to develop the new design for enable to economize the human power and accord with the ancient manner to preserve the equipments of original producing procedure.  On 2006, we have gained the new design Patent No. M288104 for 「Noodle Construction Improve」and Patent No. M288103 for「Noodle ferment constructional device」.  On 2006 simultaneous time, Sun Chi Foods completion of a new Hisa Hu factory and we have expanded the Pei Shih factory with Hisa Hu factory to be「Sun Chi Foods Industrial Co., Ltd 」.

Our heart desires and prospects are not be the maker of Guan Miau Noodle only, we are the cultural continuous disseminator.  Sun Chi has guided and leaded Guan Miau Noodle into a new century.